Experienced lubricant specialist

MENTUM is well known and recognized as an experienced and exclusive lubricant specialist in the Baltics, certified by the United Kingdom Lubricants Association with the flagship Certificate of Lubricant Competence; in addition to being the industry-leading provider of lubricant related consulting and advise.

MENTUM shares a unique access to lubricant related professional information network, legislation, knowledge and expertize.

Consultancy, counseling and expertise

MENTUM team incorporates engineers of automotive and mechanical field with a strong technical background, packed with excellent research, analysis and problem-solving capabilities. MENTUM engineering team has further developed their expertise through trainings in lubricants, fuels, engines and transmissions at international seminars within the last 20 years.

MENTUM provides lubricants related consultancy, professional neutral counseling and expertise in the Baltics, including effective management of non-compliances and solving product quality related issues.


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