Online and F2F trainings

In a rapidly transforming landscape, Your competitive edge rests on Your employees. However, the skills and technologies driving the future have changed a great deal — not to mention the very way we work.

MENTUM values knowledge and thus provides online and face-to-face trainings, based on Your company needs.

Through these training sessions led either by Castrol experts or us, we can help You implement and manage more efficient and effective lubricant-related practices.


Counseling and expertise

MENTUM incorporates engineers of automotive and mechanical field with a strong technical background. They have excellent research, analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

Our engineering team often participates in key international and regional industry conferences and follows industry trends, opportunities, new OEM innovations, legislation changes and more.

We provide professional neutral counseling in lubricants field, expertise in the Baltics, including effective management of non-compliances and solving product quality related issues.


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