Online and face-to-face trainings

In recent years, we have seen a rather worrying trend among independent workshops, where lubricants are selected incorrectly on the basis of viscosity grade only. This is exacerbated by outdated knowledge of lubricants or reliance on databases with outdated and incorrect recommendations.

MENTUM values knowledge and can provide online and face-to-face trainings based on Your company needs. Through these training sessions led either by Castrol experts or MENTUM can help You implement and manage more efficient and effective lubricant-related practices.

Trainings led by MENTUM will be compiled by our own technical specialist, an experienced automotive engineer with masters degree in fuels and lubricants, certified by the United Kingdom Lubricants Association with the flagship Certificate of Lubricant Competence, a long-term lecturer at several technical universities in Estonia, lecturer for The National Examinations and Qualifications Centre at seminars of the Union of Car Vocational studies for teachers in Estonia, with membership in professional associations including Terminology Commission at The Institute of the Estonian Language. He is also a former co-founder and voting expert in EVS/TC 37 „Quality of fuels and lubricants“ technical committee at Estonian Centre for Standardization; technical advisor for Petroleum Quality Institute of America and chief editor for books of automotive lubricants, their properties and specifications, released in Estonia in 2012 and 2015.


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