Castrol is part of the BP group and serves Customers and Consumers in the automotive, marine, industrial and energy sectors. Castrol branded products are recognized globally for innovation and high performance through commitment to premium quality and cutting-edge technology.

Castrol, with a rich heritage and a proud history of innovation, are pioneers in lubricant technology. Castrol has led the way in developing detergents to clean and neutralise oil impurities, dramatically improving an engine’s performance and life.

Castrol are liquid engineers with the passion and expertise to develop groundbreaking products for the world’s engineering and manufacturing pioneers to keep businesses and industry moving forward.

Castrol is underpinned by its pioneering ability to deliver improved performance through leadership in technology and innovation. This has helped Castrol deliver superior performing lubricants for over 115 years, being synonymous with pioneering achievements, passion and performance.

Global leader in the lubricants market for wind energy

Castrol is the global leader in the lubricants market for wind energy with a supply footprint covering all major regions and with 33 % of the market, reflects its commitment to providing innovative lubricants and service solutions. With its affiliate Onyx Insight, Castrol can provide improved efficiency, lower downtime, and lower the levelized cost of energy for customers.

Castrol leads the wind energy market due to a strong product portfolio and partnerships with such OEMs as Vestas and Siemens Gamesa, giving the company access to their first-fill and warranty fill business. This gives Castrol a strong position in Europe, North America, and India, along with a global leadership position.


Pushing the boundaries of R & I

From the beginning Castrol recognised that the best lubricants can only be developed by working in partnership with those that rely on them – whether it’s for everyday motoring, world speed record attempts or space exploration.

With Technology Centres around the world, Castrol’s leading chemists, engineers and other specialist staff work in partnership with their OEM and leading universities counterparts to constantly push the boundaries of Research and Innovation. This co-engineering approach supports the development of lubricants that are tailor-made for OEM needs.

The result is outstanding performance, enhanced fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions.



  • Castrol is the only true global lubricant specialist;
  • Castrol is a brand that is passionate about helping people get the most from their vehicles;
  • Castrol is a brand that knows that a small investment in lubricant can prevent big expenses in repairs;
  • At Castrol, scientists, tribologists and lubrication engineers understand the importance of the role a vehicle plays in people’s lives.

We understand that for our consumers and business customers, a vehicle means more than just mobility, it´s:

  • Their livelihood, their passion, their way of supporting their family;
  • Their dream, their freedom, their protection, their excitement;
  • More than just a vehicle to them, that’s why it’s more than just an oil to us;
  • More than just their business, that’s why our business is more than just oil.

Something magical happens when a group of people unite in the pursuit of a common purpose and challenge what has thought to be impossible. At Castrol, magic happens every day in the form of technological innovation and thoughtful solutions driven by our customers’ missions and passionate scientists.

Castrol has captured all these emotions in its tagline that accompanies the Castrol logo:

It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering