After being started by Charles Wakefield in 1899, The Castrol brand has grown and changed through the years into the global brand we see today.

Castrol’s heritage is full of innovation and grand historic milestones and achievements that make it a reliable, trusted and well known brand.

  • Castrol is a brand which has been a pioneer in the lubricant industry, and has been developing outstanding lubes that have been part of the automobile and industrial revolution;
  • Castrol is a brand that has broken world land speed records 21 times;
  • Castrol is a brand built through a strong association with competitive aviation events, auto races & speed record races;
  • Castrol and Honda win over 500 motorcycle World Championship races;
  • Castrol is a brand that has been a technology leader and an expert in its domain for years;
  • Castrol is a brand that is pioneering lubricants technology on land, at sea, in the air and in space;
  • Castrol is a brand that has a history of strong partnering relationships with many leading vehicle manufacturers, all over the world;
  • Castrol is a brand with world first carbon neutral lubricants;