Polar coolants

Polar™ products are produced by Telko, a Finnish chemical company that has over a century of history and is part of the Aspo Group. Aspo plc shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Polar branded products are a top-quality. Innovation and great care taken in keeping the highest production standards translates into the highest quality of Polar products and loyalty of the customers.

Polar brand products are designed for road and non-road vehicles maintenance. Biggest attention is paid to modern, high tech engine coolants/antifreezes, brake fluids and various cleaning tasks like windscreen washers, microdegreasers, asphalt stain removers, shampoos, etc. All engine coolant formulations have been tested by OEM’s to ensure the best selection for aftermarket customers.

Polar™ is about proven quality, responsibility and continuous development.


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