Professional maintenance and repair with complementary expertise from Castrol built into each Castrol SERVICE workshop.

At MENTUM we have developed a deep understanding of the workshop aftermarket. Together with Castrol, we are committed to leveraging our long-standing expertise in innovative lubricants technologies, brand and marketing, digital and consumer insights to develop sustainable workshop businesses built around value-adding consumer experiences.

For over a century, car owners have put their trust in Castrol’s advanced lubricants. Now, through our network of Castrol SERVICE workshops, You can be confident Your car will be serviced by skilled mechanics committed to professional maintenance and repair.

What to expect from a Castrol workshop

  • Friendly, helpful teams;
  • Commitment to professional maintenance and repair;
  • Commitment to premium quality spare parts;
  • Expert technical diagnostics and maintenance concepts;
  • Value-adding consumer experiences;
  • Quality built in: Castrol’s innovative lubricants technologies at every workshop.

For participating workshop

Being part of the Castrol SERVICE enables You to brand Your business with the most respected lubricants brand in the world and the undisputed leader in lubricant technologies, that Your Customers know and trust. Your business can benefit from all the features available through Castrol SERVICE at no cost to You.

Here’s all the benefits You will receive:

  • Castrol signage, point-of-sale & product stands;
  • Workshop clothing;
  • Workshop consumables;
  • Castrol promotions;
  • Castrol Online training;
  • Lubricant related professional consultancy and expertize.

Want to be a part of the Castrol SERVICE?