Mentum has decided to skip the regular Christmas gift to our partners and instead we wanted to help the people in need.

For this, we chose three organizations across the Baltics:

Kingitud Elu in Estonia

“The foundation supports cancer patients primarily financially. We help people purchase modern medications (or treatment procedures) essential to them, giving them hope, a chance to live longer or even fully recover.”

“Cancer continues to be diagnosed a great deal in Estonia. Modern treatments are becoming more effective, but also more expensive. The Health Insurance Fund has its own formulas to determine which kinds of treatment fit under the national insurance policy. This leaves many new treatments unfit for discount. “ in Latvia

“ is a charity organization founded in 2003 with the mission to channel individual and business donations to people in need. “

“Our goal is to encourage the social change by providing an opportunity to donate. We believe the society of Latvia wants to help those in need. To the ones who are suffering the most and the ones who might need only a small assistance to start the new life.”

“ is a charity organization that assists to charitable giving. identifies the projects that are vitally important to the society and eliminate the root causes instead of treating the symptoms as they arise.”

Rimanto Kaukėno paramos grupė in Lithuania

“Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012. We operate in the entire Lithuania giving charitable assistance and spreading hope, strength and joy to children who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Their goal is simple: to make life easier for seriously ill children and their families, to help them get through the trauma of the haunting diagnosis, to support through their long journey towards recovery and to bring some light and joy into the lives of these children.

Hopefully Mentum’ part will be a small help to the people in need.

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