Castrol has invented and launched a new revolutionary car care product, named Castrol Engine Shampoo.

Castrol Engine Shampoo is an innovative pre-oil change engine cleaner that can remove up to 85 % of engine sludge, helping to maintain the efficient operation of engines by restoring and extending the life of an engine and giving it a fresh start.

Sludge is a nasty sticky substance that can clog and completely block vital oil passageways. Sludge will shorten the engine life, reduce fuel efficiency and engine power, reduce oil filter efficiency, block breather tubes and hoses, block oil pick-up screens, cause poor lubrication by oil starvation and ultimately destroy an engine. Sludge can not be removed by just draining the oil. Sludge can build up by overly extended or completely missed oil changes, or by using a low quality engine oil, by having frequent short distances and stop-start driving journeys which are becoming increasingly common in our congested cities, high rpm driving on uphill or towing a heavy load and using poor, sub-standard fuel quality which has a big impact on sludge formation.

The engine cleaner market is currently dominated by aggressive solvent-based flushing fluids that can degrade vital seals and gaskets of the engine causing oil leaks, displace oil additives and effectively keeping oil additives away from reaching the surface, cause surface corrosion, dislodge bigger clunks of sludge in the form of large deposits and eventually are the source for poor lubrication. That is why, in the fluid engineering community, the use of solvent-based engine flushing fluids are considered as destructive to the engine as sludge itself.

Castrol Engine Shampoo contains solvent-free Powerful Cleaning Agent (PCA) additive technology which does not damage engine parts in any way despite its excellent deep cleaning power. Castrol Engine Shampoo has been tested rigorously at Castrol Technology Centre in different types of engines and on engine seals, it has been proven to be as safe to use as a finished engine oil, it cleans powerfully but in a gentle, solvent-free way. This is why it is unlikely to see pieces of sludge when you drain the oil mixed with Castrol Engine Shampoo. Therefore, despite its comprehensive cleaning ability, Castrol Engine Shampoo doesn’t have any of the harmful side-effects of a solvent-based engine cleaner, the engine efficiency, fuel economy and power will be restored with the use of Castrol Engine Shampoo.

Castrol Engine Shampoo is suitable and recommended for car engines (both gasoline and diesel), 4-T motorcycle engines, second hand cars without any history of or erratic engine maintenance, in cases when low quality fuels and biofuels were used, engine has been working in severe conditions for extended period of time, prior disassembling the engine for repairs, for high mileage cars to protect its value and also in heavy-duty engines. Castrol Engine Shampoo is also strongly recommended when switching from other branded oil over to Castrol. One bottle of Castrol Engine Shampoo is effective for vehicles that use 3L to 6L of engine oil. It is recommended for use at every other oil change, mainly for older and high mileage vehicles. However, it can also be used for new vehicles as a preventative measure. In cases of extremely dirty engines, it is advised to first clean the engine mechanically.

Castrol Engine Shampoo helps to maintain engine power and efficiency by dissolving and flushing out sludge during the oil change process. The application takes ten minutes prior to servicing and can happen anywhere that the car can be safely parked. After the engine has warmed the oil, it is switched off and 300 ml of Castrol Engine Shampoo is added. The engine is then switched back on and left idle for ten minutes. The sludge transfers to the engine oil, which is then drained with the engine off, and the filters are replaced. This process maximises the cleanliness of the engine internals, ensuring the new engine oil can perform at optimal levels.