Castrol GTX is a premium conventional engine oil that has been helping to extend engine life for over 50 years. It has evolved to meet the needs of consumers and vehicle manufacturers since 1968 and continues to innovate and remain a trusted brand even today. Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, poor fuel quality, harsh driving conditions and exceeding oil change intervals, among others, can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar like substance called sludge.

Sludge can appear in many forms and chemical structure, it builds up slowly and eventually will block your engine’s vital oilways like cholesterol and if untreated, can rob an engine of its power and ultimately its life.

Castrol GTX engine oils are specially engineered with proprietary Double Action Formula to prevent the harmful build-up of sludge while at the same time protecting against new sludge formation far better than tough industry standards.

Castrol GTX has been at the forefront of engine oil innovation since its introduction and it is also Castrol’s first ever lubricant brand initially created to meet the sophisticated needs of new engine development. Today, Castrol GTX protects an estimated 100 million cars across the world at any one time. The brand has been built on a promise to help extend engine life, and that is something that Castrol has been delivering on for 50 years now. Irv Gordon, the 3 million mile man, has proved beyond doubt that Castrol GTX helps extend engine life with his Guinness World Record Volvo, powered by Castrol oil since he started his journey in 1966 – without breakdowns, replacements or failures, just a driving distance equivalent to 120 laps of the Earth!

As we look to the future, innovation and true pioneering in lubricants technology will remain at the core in Castrol as the GTX brand is expanding to continue to meet the demands of today’s drivers and mechanics. The GTX brand proposition has evolved from “protect” to “clean and protect” because cars today have a tough life, and that’s not going to change as they get older – it may even get worse. Castrol GTX engine oils have been tested extensively in a range of tests designed to replicate a variety of driving conditions and styles in modern engines. Stop and go traffic, poor fuel quality, heavy loads, towing, extended motorway trips, harsh weather conditions, exceeding oil change intervals and long periods of idling while waiting for the family or in traffic jams (heavy traffic) – all these are severe driving conditions. They can lead to high operating temperatures, accelerate oil oxidation and to elevated levels of contaminants from burnt and unburnt fuel accumulating in the oil, eventually causing the build-up of sludge, which can shorten the engine’s life drastically. You can’t see this sludge build-up but it can damage your engine’s performance and cause premature engine failure.

Castrol GTX engine oil’s synthetic technology, with its sludge buster breaks down and cleans away existing sludge & protects the engine from future sludge forming. Whichever industry test is in use, Castrol GTX engine oils demonstrate exceptional protection that ensures excellent engine durability, reducing wear by over 60 % compared to active ACEA European oil sequences wear limits.

Castrol GTX engine oils are specially designed to ensure that diesel engines and particulate filters (DPF’s) work at optimum efficiency throughout the oil drain interval and throughout the lifetime of the filter. These engine oils have been formulated with the highest quality latest technology base oils and patented additives to ensure excellent engine performance in combination with protection for your exhaust filter.

Castrol GTX is more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering that protects against problems that your engines faces every day. Help extend the life of your engine with Castrol GTX.