More than 20 years ago, Castrol MAGNATEC rewrote the rules of engine protection by introducing „Unique Molecular Attraction“ to the World. Since then, it has sold more than a billion litres around the world, that’s more than 1,5 litres every second of every day, of every year in more than 60 countries. It is one of the most successful lubricant brands ever. It has been a very successful product for Castrol, a very well known product on the market and it’s a product that we love.





Castrol MAGNATEC engine oils have a new stop-start molecule, the actual molecule that turns Castrol MAGNATEC into a DUALOCK product. Castrol MAGNATEC DUALOCK technology is the result of over 10 years of research and development by Castrol’s technologists in partnership with one of the World’s leading universities. Building on the pioneering science of Castrol MAGNATEC’s molecules DUALOCK uses the combination of two different protective molecules, LOCKED TOGETHER at the surface to create a powerful forcefield of protection. These new molecules work in unison for non-stop protection from every start in today’s busy driving conditions.



These molecules work in a very unique way which has went through a very rigorous testing by Castrol to clearly identify and, further on, demonstrate Castrol MAGNATEC oil performance. This testing, however, is the „normal“ Castrol style where every single product is tested to its absolute maximum, tweaked, and tested again so by the end of testing period we have a curvature and understanding of a products peak performance. With that being said, it is well known testing at Castrol laboratories goes way beyond industry testing requirements. That is because of Castrol’s relationships with lots of OEM’s and industry partners.

If we look at how the world is changing we’ll see it’s becoming more urbanized. Urbanization itself leads us to driving in heavy traffic, often we find us stopped sitting at traffic jams, at traffic lights, at junctions and in stop-and-go or stop-start movement. So the demand of performance is not just set on cars, vehicles and drivers but also on driving habits and most optimum route selection, time planning. This is also one of the reasons there are many cars now with stop-start technology built into them where engine will be turned off frequently over a very short period of time by its control module while stationary and turned back on when starting to move again. In addition to a lots of other features that OEM’s are doing with cars this is one of the ways to combat this issue but it also causes lots of problems like excessive amount of carbon from unburnt fuel building up inside the engine and clogging exhaust after-treatment devices. The matter of fact is that for the health of any engine, its warm-up period, long period of idle running, stop-and-go movement and city driving are all considered severe operating conditions, often at low speeds, demanding the best possible performance from an engine oil that could easily cope with these conditions. Castrol together with its partners have investigated this issue and found out that on average, this kind of driving can happen as many as 18 000 times per year. And with that in mind we introduce Castrol MAGNATEC Stop-Start with DUALOCK technology inside specifically helping to reduce negative effects.




Top scientists at Castrol research department have spent a significant amount of time researching and working on MAGNATEC oil technology and its anti-wear molecules making sure that the final result will be fit-for-purpose at least for the next few years. Castrol is constantly looking for possibilities to enhance and improve oil technologies and with Castrol MAGNATEC DUALOCK hundreds of different formulations were initially tested until the final result was approved with a molecule that could really satisfy the needs for the best performance. If we look at the first issues in sequence then approximately 75 % of all wear inside an engine happens during warm-up period. With Castrol MAGNATEC and its DUALOCK technology a new additional molecule has been introduced into the formulation which is very clever in a way it works along side the existing molecule, hence DUALOCK – two molecules working in harmony together to ensure a successful combat against problems described in this global urbanization. The molecules cling like magnets to the surfaces which is where the word „MAGNATEC“ comes from but now with the additional molecule Castrol is able to claim, back up, prove and support with the help of the University of Cambridge that wear can be reduced by at least 50 % more than what was previously possible. The new molecule does not leave  the metal surface even at high operating temperatures of 120 °C, locking and preventing also other molecules from leaving the metal surface, eventually constantly providing far better protection  from wear. That makes a big difference in a performance of a car engine which is especially needed in urban areas with heavy traffic conditions.