Castrol Vecton

In order to bring truck owners the latest in leading edge technology and develop the optimum product range to date, Castrol ran over 600 engine tests, spent more than 290 000 man hours, drove 7 million on road kilometres which is equal to driving to the Moon and back 9 times. Castrol Vecton and CRB engine oils are covering 97 % of all global OEM engine lubricants requirements.

Castrol’s products for commercial vehicles consists of a two-brand structure for engine oils, a range of premium commercial vehicle oils Castrol VECTON and Castrol CRB, and a single brand for drivelines, Castrol TRANSMAX.

All brands come with leading edge technologies which can give the right solution to problems trucking customers face on a daily basis. Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™, and Castrol TRANSMAX Long Life with Smooth Drive Technology™ for longer useful oil-life, giving confidence in the maximum drain intervals. Castrol CRB Turbomax with DuraShield™ Boosters, delivering improved wear performance for long and healthy engine life.

Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™ has a 45 % extra performance reserve that fights oil breakdown by helping to control oxidation, reduce deposits, neutralise harmful acids, and also adapts to higher temperatures, maintaining viscosity. That means longer useful oil life, giving You confidence in Your maximum drain interval.