Castrol Automatic Transmission Fluids


The transmission is one of the most vital components in every vehicle and one of the most expensive units to repair or replace. Using the right oil and changing it at the right time is key to preventing transmission problems such as shudder, gear stiffness, axle whining or damaged parts before they occur.

Castrol holds more than 40 factory-fill positions and is the supplier to major OEMs for more than 20 years. For developing the best transmission lubricants within an average of 5 years timeframe, an average of 6000 tests were ran, equalling 30 times the distance travelled in field tests from the Earth to the Moon and back, and counting.

Castrol TRANSMAX is a range of products including automatic transmission fluids, manual  transmission fluids and axle oils. Castrol TRANSMAX delivers enhanced protection to all moving parts of the transmission with its superior friction durability and antiwear chemistry. Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology™ has active control molecules that automatically adjust their friction level under changing pressures and speed.

Castrol TRANSMAX is chosen by 2 out of every 3 major vehicle manufacturers as part of their factory-fill. These products have been co-engineered and formulated at Castrol’s Technology Centre in Germany, giving the end user the confidence to choose the right product for their vehicles. Castrol TRANSMAX gives drivers and workshops genuine peace of mind and confidence that choosing these products enables longer transmission life – keeping things running like clockwork.

Use Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology™ to ensure Your transmission is constantly served the right level of friction at any given moment, protecting its moving parts and enabling longer transmission life.