Castrol metalworking fluids

In every key process, castrol makes a difference

You have to keep improving the speed and cost-effectiveness of your manufacturing process – but the costs of getting it wrong are high. Above all, you need a reliable fluid with consistent, stable characteristics, that will help you meet specification, every time.

As you’d expect, we have years of experience and research in the industrial sectors, and developed the wide range of Castrol metalworking products to choose from, we’ll help you find the best possible match for your process, and your other lubricants. We can help you to work faster, improve your output, and cut down waste and inefficiencies.

Our products are a perfect match for today’s metalworking challenges – giving dependable and stable performance. Engineers worldwide use Castrol fluids to overcome metalworking challenges. We can help you reduce biocides, achieve high performance with new alloys, and protect your tools and products – all while ensuring high productivity, and a quality surface finish.