Castrol cleaners

Industrial cleaners that deliver the levels of cleanliness that manufacturing and assembly processes demand

Industrial cleaning is an integral and critical element of the value chain within many industrial manufacturing processes.

The demands also on the cleaning fluid are high to guarantee the required level of surface quality and cleanliness of components produced at economical cost and to maintain a safe working environment.

At Castrol, we focus on product compatibility throughout metalworking processes.

CASTROL TECHNICLEAN™ series offers you a wide range of cleaners to meet your specific application and can help you to achieve:

  • High cleanliness levels to ensure the required quality, functionality and maximised lifespan of finished parts
  • Improved Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance
    Greater productivity through reduced scrap rates
  • Lower operational cleaning expenditure, such as waste disposal costs

To give you complete confidence that Castrol can provide the right product for your specific operation, we can offer you the choice of aqueous process cleaners, hydrocarbon solvent cleaners and maintenance cleaners.