Castrol corrosion preventives

Our range of corrosion preventives helps you achieve reliable protection of finished parts

We know that corrosion of metals affects virtually everyone every day. Wherever metal parts and components are produced, there is a risk of corrosion, and wherever corrosion occurs, it costs money and eats into profits.

Further health and environmental concerns and legislation are placing pressure to minimise workplace and disposal hazards and to minimize carbon footprint contributions.

At Castrol, we focus on product compatibility throughout metalworking processes.

CASTROL RUSTILO™ series offers you a comprehensive range of corrosion preventives that can help you to achieve:

  • Desired level of corrosion protection on finished parts at economical cost
  • Improved Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance
  • Greater productivity through reduced scrap rates and waste

To give you complete confidence that Castrol can provide the right product for your specific requirements, we can offer you the choice of:

  • Solvent based corrosion preventives and dewatering fluids
  • Neat corrosion preventive oils
  • Aqueous corrosion preventives