Castrol VECTON engine oils with System Pro Technology are for use in modern trucks with new technologies to maximize oil drain interval and profit. These engine oils stand out in competition with product performance that no other competitor is able to claim.

Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology helps maximize performance by adapting to changing conditions and improving engine performance in 5 key areas:

  • fuel consumption;
  • oil consumption;
  • oil change interval;
  • power;
  • component life

A new reason to believe which is heavily underpinned by new science with new claims. Castrol VECTON engine oils have an extra performance reserve that fights oil breakdown and also adapts to higher temperatures. It has been proved by independent laboratories that Castrol VECTON product range performed, on average, 47 % better than industry test limits. That means longer useful oil life, giving confidence in the maximum drain interval. Castrol VECTON provides superior viscosity control and fights oil thickening. With its unique additive system, Castrol VECTON ensures that it maintains its viscosity throughout the period of the drain interval. With a stable viscosity Castrol VECTON will keep engines running at peak efficiency resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Castrol VECTON delivers superior performance in fighting harmful piston deposits ensuring that these deposits are minimized allowing the ring pack to move freely, enabling combustion gas to get in behind the ring and force it out onto the cylinder wall, exactly as it was designed to work by the engineer and OEM, resulting in lower oil consumption. Castrol VECTON delivers superior performance in fighting engine wear and corrosion. Castrol VECTON provides a robust oil film which protects critical engine components from wear, enhancing the life of critical components. With its specially formulated additive system, metal parts are protected from corrosive gases.