Metalworking Fluids

We have developed a comprehensive range of outstanding fluids for the metalworking industry, focusing particularly on the reliability of the processes. To ensure that your requirements are met, Castrol offers product support based on far-reaching experiences in various industrial sectors.

Our products help increase quality and productivity while reducing the overall production costs and achieving your goals in the field of occupational health and safety and environmental protection (HSSE*).


Our comprehensive offer of high-quality coolants meets all machining requirements in various application areas. By using our products, you can help to improve your productivity, quality and HSSE profile. For this reason, we have developed innovative products free of mineral oil, which are ester- or polymer-based. Due to our latest knowledge from research and technology combined with this product technology, we can help you increase your efficiency and reduce your costs through lower fluid consumption.

Our coolants can be divided into:

Water-soluble coolants
Based on mineral oil and a highly advanced ester technology.
Synthetic water-soluble
Coolants transparent solutions, completely free of mineral oil
Water-insoluble coolants
Which are based on the latest generation of EHVI (Extreme High Viscosity Index) hydrocracked base oils or a highly advanced ester technology


The cleanliness of assembly parts has been an elementary requirement for meeting the increasing demands on quality, function and lifespan or for ensuring perfect surfaces for the downstream processes such as heat treatment or coating. We at Castrol aim at achieving an optimal product compatibility over the entire metal forming process. Castrol can particularly help you to achieve more process safety while increasing the cost efficiency in your production.


For many years, we have focused on corrosion prevention and on the research of its causes. We can help you reduce the risk of corrosion and improve your processes through the use of low-aromatic, solvent-free or aqueous products. Our products allow industrial components or products to be temporarily protected against corrosion during production, transport, storage or assembly.


The quenching media of the Castrol Iloquench range cover a broad application range. They minimise hardening distortion and achieve an outstanding surface quality in various work pieces and surfaces. The high thermal stability and constant quenching performance as well as the low drag-out losses – even during long operating hours – ensure a particularly economic deployment.


Metal forming has gained increasing importance, particularly if greater efficiency can be attained by reducing process steps or by achieving lower drag-out rates. At Castrol, we focus on the development of fluids for metal forming, which enable compatibility throughout the entire production process.
Our Iloform product range offers you a comprehensive range of innovative and high-performance products for metal forming.

Meet Castrol XBB:
Fluid Technology that means you can cut the compromise

XBB is a way of formulating cutting fluids that keeps them performing longer, without boron or biocides. Around the world, metalworking engineers are using XBB fluids to save on additive top-ups, and cut the compromise between productivity, safety and costs.


Proven to maintain pH at a constant level**, Castrol Alusol SL 51 XBB is an excellent all-round cutting fluid particularly suited to machining aluminium with a high silicon content. It’s formulated to last longer than conventional fluids and produce a high-quality finish while significantly reducing the need for service additives.


Discover aluminium machining without compromise with a cutting fluid proven to maintain pH at a constant level without the use of boron, formaldehyde and biocides. Castrol Alusol SL 61 XBB is ideal for multipurpose machining of aluminium alloys through to low-medium alloyed steel, and is suitable for both large central systems and single sump machines. It is designed to work well in soft and water conditions alike. Each Castrol XBB product has been engineered to suit the needs of a particular cutting environment, so whether you’re working with cast iron or aluminium there’s a solution for you.


Castrol Hysol SL 35 XBB is a semi-synthetic, boron and biocide-free metalworking fluid ideal for the grinding of
steel, and the machining of low alloyed steel and cast iron. It is especially formulated to help deliver a long system
life and remains effective for longer than conventional alternatives* thanks to its resistance to pH change.


A boron and biocide free cutting fluid for ferrous alloys, tried and tested by plantmanagers, and proven to maintain
pH levels. Castrol Hysol SL 36 XBB is ideal for machining cast iron and low alloy steel, and has also been successfully used with aluminium. It’s suitable for large central systems and single sump machines. This product is also designed to reduce foaming in soft water environments.