The Global Sulphur Cap is the biggest change in the marine industry since shipping bunker fuel converted from coal to fuel oil 60 years ago.

Managing the transition can be complex and costly for ship owners and operators, that’s why Castrol are ready with a global technical services team and range of 2020 compatible lubricants in over 800 ports.

Whatever your fuel selection, Castrol have a global range of IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap engine oils and technical expertise to protect your engine. Our 4-stroke product offer ensures you have a engine oil that covers each route to compliance that can be taken.

The Castrol MHP range are high performance lubricants specifically designed for use in modern engines when operating on LNG or distillate fuels.

Castrol TLX Xtra range is designed to withhold high oil stress seen in the latest engine designs when burning residual fuels.

The Castrol Cyltech offer of marine diesel engine lubricants provides optimal protection against corrosive and mechanical cylinder wear. The right balance of BN and detergency is used across the range to protect your engine.

Castrol is proud to have designed stern tube and thruster lubricants, hydraulic fluids and greases to help protect both vessels and the seas.

Our Bio Range lubricants have improved environmental performance in comparison to conventional mineral based oils. They address the lubricant needs of vessels at sea, and present an environmentally responsible option for your crew and marine life when it comes to spillages and disposal. OSPAR registered products Castrol BioBar, BioStat and BioTac MP are fully compliant with US 2013 VGP.

Our high-performance synthetic oils are designed to give outstanding gear protection compared to conventional mineral oils. They can help increase reliability and reduce the cost of spare parts and labor. We also offer ranges with exceptional anti-wear protection for machinery that has to operate at higher temperatures and under heavy loads.

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