Heavy-duty engine oils of tomorrow’s technology

A few years ago Castrol reviewed its brand portfolio globally by launching two brand new premium engine oil ranges in heavy-duty market – Castrol VECTON with unique System 5 Technology and Castrol CRB with DuraShield boosters. Castrol VECTON with System 5 Technology was resently renamed to Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology due to better than expected field trial results and exceptionally good feedback from the market. The reasons behind this strategic move together with new set principles are:

  • To have a simplified range of engine oils across the globe that could easily be understood;
  • To stand out in competition with product performance that no other competitor is able to claim.

As a result, Castrol successfully created power brands with clear differentiation. Other aspects to creating new range of oils were globalisation, economic slowdown and rising costs, environmental impact and alternative fuels. These are market and technology related trends that created specific needs for both customer and end user which Castrol successfully integrated into new VECTON and CRB brands. More truck fleet companies create business alliances/joint ventures and become more global. Apart from those global companies needing global suppliers, they are becoming more international and therefore, cover longer distances. VECTON and CRB are global brands and are available across all Europe. These new Castrol VECTON and Castrol CRB products, claiming the latest OEM specs, are the most advanced and the most suitable offer for mixed fleets and can be used in the latest technology trucks. And with System Pro Technology they can benefit areas which are critical for the engine condition. System Pro Technology is not an ingredient, it is an advanced multi benefit technology platform which justifies why and how Castrol VECTON products are performing far better than industry standards across 5 critical engine areas simultaneously. The continuous focus is on reducing total cost of ownership which is impacted by fuel, repair and maintenance as well as driver costs. Castrol VECTON range includes dedicated products which improve fuel efficiency or extend the oil drains whilst System Pro Technology across all products lead to less maintenance and less downtime. Lower emissions have been an area of great focus globally for the past 10 years and they will continue to play an important role in the future. Being the first environmentally dedicated heavy-duty engine oils in the market, all Castrol VECTON product variants are certified as Carbon Neutral. Customers are required to be compliant so their trucks must carry a low emission technology and for this technology Low SAPS lubricants are needed. The Castrol VECTON range includes Low SAPS variants suitable for the latest trucks, including OEM’s requirements for Euro VI trucks. Alternative fuels e.g. biofuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), are coming into the market. Although the market is still dominated by diesel fuels and will continue to be for the next decade or so, the alternative fuels market segment is still expected to grow gradually over the years. Especially so as an increasing amount of bio component in conventional diesel fuels. And for this niche market Castrol VECTON will have the right offer with products which are specific for use with these type of fuels.

Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology helps maximise performance by adapting to changing conditions and improving engine performance in 5 key areas: fuel consumption, oil consumption, oil change interval, power and component life. A new reason to believe which is heavily underpinned by new science with new claims. As a benefit, the Castrol VECTON product range performed, on average, 45 % better than industry test limits, demonstrating that Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology delivers an extra performance reserve to give confidence in the maximum drain interval. The range includes dedicated Fuel Saver, Long Drain and Low SAPS variants including the latest OEM requirements for Euro VI trucks together with the new API CK-4, Scania LDF-4 and Volvo VDS-4.5 approvals. The latter are the next generation of heavy-duty diesel engine oils that bring even higher improvements in oxidation stability, shear stability, better protection against scuffing/adhesive wear and aeration benefits. However, it also means that there is no more „one size fits all“ engine oil. We can see similar developments in passenger car engine oil formulations. Willingness to make changes to widely spread belief “the way we have always done it” may no longer be the best approach. This will require both shop and maintenance personnel to be aware of the individual equipment requirements. Proper used oil analysis programs will become critical moving forward to trend wear and engine oil health.

Castrol has been gearing up for these changes along with its best-in-class solutions and can expertly guide customers through proper lubricant selection. As always, please contact your Castrol sales or field engineering representative from local Mentum branch for assistance.