OEM transmission fluids at a glance

Castrol Transmax DUAL – a full synthetic dual clutch transmission fluid with Smooth Drive Technology™, specially formulated for Audi and VW Dual Clutch Transmissions, factory-filled by Audi and VW where TL 52529 (G 052 529) is required and is Recommended for use in major OEMs, including Getrag, Ford, Peugeot, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Chrysler (European models) and is suitable for use in VW, SEAT and Škoda (6 speed) DSG.

A car is an important asset to all owners as is the desire to protect it – avoid high cost of repairing or replacing transmission. Transmission fluids ensure that vehicle powertrain works properly to bring the engine power to the wheels. A modern transmission system layout may consist of a different types of hardware that are used for this job (e.g. manual/ automatic/ dual clutch or continuously variable gearbox, axles, transfere case, differentials, final drive etc.) in different locations, in a single vehicle. The increasingly complex transmission technology on modern vehicles has reached to a level where it only takes a split of a second for electronically controlled transmission to convert a 2-wheel drive into a 4-wheel drive. However, modern transmissions of all types have also become more prone to failure, primarily because of their higher level of complexity. This makes choosing the correct transmission fluid extremely critical. Transmission fluids are the only products in which the driver can actually feel the difference in fluid performance – make a wrong selection and the car might not even move. Protecting transmission life and extending its performance should be the basis of every decision when choosing a correct transmission fluid.

Castrol transmission fluids offer a unique technology built into them – Smooth Drive Technology™. Castrol’s Smooth Drive Technology™ has active control molecules that coat critical parts, protecting components and delivering a smoother drive for longer. Castrol transmission fluids with Smooth Drive Technology™ are co-engineered & formulated at Castrol German Technology Centre proving Castrol’s driveline expertise and technology leadership.

Castrol transmission fluids have gone through extensive testings and they are proven to provide:

  • Unsurpassed smooth driving experience;
  • Synthetic base oil mix and patented, advanced additive technology.

Castrol transmission fluids can prevent transmission problems. Ordinary oils wear out faster due to today’s driving conditions, giving the driver a jerky ride and damaging the transmission, resulting in high repair cost. Castrol Smooth Drive Technology™ represents a range of products from the Advanced Performance Series of Castrol transmission fluids. These fluids automatically adjust their friction level in response to changing pressures on transmission parts.

These fluids provide:

  • 5 times easier shift;
  • More than 2 times smoother gear changes for longer;
  • 5 times better shear stability performance, delivering a more relaxing drive while at the same time protecting axles and differentials from wear.

This superior quality helps reduce friction losses from start-up, which results in less wasted energy, improved operating efficiency and increased smooth driving potential, enhancing driving performance and comfort. With Castrol Smooth Drive Technology™ end users can enjoy the pleasure of driving, knowing that their transmission is experiencing the ultimate in lubrication technology. Castrol transmission fluids offer reassurance and peace of mind to the vehicle owners that they are protecting their vehicles with the best quality products.

For the workshop services there is always a Castrol transmission fluid with Smooth Drive Technology™ that will fit well into the workshop, be it a multivehicle variant or a tailor-made product for a special transmissions.

Castrol transmission fluids offer strong proof points:

  • 2 out of every 3 major vehicle manufacturers choose Castrol transmission fluids for the factory-fill;
  • Castrol holds more than 40 factory-fill positions;
  • Castrol is the supplier to major OEMs for more than 20 years.

Castrol transmission fluids chosen by major vehicle manufacturers as a factory-filled fluid indicates that Castrol is the brand of choice of major vehicle manufacturing groups – giving confidence to end users to choose Castrol transmission fluids. There is a high probability that the majority of vehicles being serviced will have Castrol transmission fluids inside from being factory-filled. This will give vehicle owners a peace of mind that selecting a Castrol transmission fluid for service fill could match the original fluid.